Inshore Fishing Trips
Fishing the clean uncrowded waters of St. Catherine’s, Ossabow, and Sapelo Sound areas of Coastal Georgia. We usually target trout, redfish, sheepshead, and flounder. We also catch a variety of fish including blackdrum, whiting, sharks, weakfish. During the summer months, we also catch tripletail.The area I fish is beautiful, undeveloped water. Many days we won’t see another boat all day. Usually we are fishing with spinning rods and shrimp or a variety of artificial lures. This is simple fishing that anyone can do. This is a year-round fishery; we catch fish all year. Our main fish are trout and redfish. The trout run from 1-5 pounds and can be caught year-round. The better months are usually April thru December. Our redfish run from 1 pound to 50 pound monsters. We catch a lot 10 to 25 pound reds with an occasional monster over 30 pounds. Most of the redfish are caught on live shrimp. When we target the big redfish, it is usually on the bottom with cut fish. The time to target the big fish is August through January; we will occasionally catch big ones all year. Check out big redfish picture in our gallery.This is an easy trip that anybody young or old will enjoy. We have many daily encounters with dolphin, eagles, alligators, manatees, and a huge variety of shore birds. I provide all bait, license, tackle, everything we need to catch fish. You need to bring sunscreen, food, and drinks. I would suggest on longer trips to bring a raincoat. I can customize these trips to meet your particular needs. Call me at 912-756-4573, and we can make plans to suit any needs you have. During the summer months, we can also combine fishing trips with trips to barrier island beaches. We have miles of empty beautiful beaches. These are great places to wade, pick up shells, or just kick back for a while. If you want to bring your own tackle, I recommend a 7 to 8.5 foot rod with 40 pound braided line. Call me at 912-756-4573 if you have any more questions.Also available, fly fishing for Redfish, Sharks and Tarpon.A day on the water of Coastal Georgia is always an enjoyable outing.1-4 fishermen,
4 hours – $425

1-3 fishermen
6 hours – $550
8 hours – $700

4th person – add $50

Shark Fishing Trips
Georgia shark fishing can be action-packed fishing at it’s best. Fishing Coastal Georgia waters for different shark species from 3 footers to 1,000 lb plus Tiger Sharks. The Shark fishing starts in mid-April and continues through October, catching the Black Tips and Lemon Sharks on light tackle can be a real thrill. These sharks can be caught on popping corks near the surface. Big Black Tips are the ultimate shark fighting machine. They will make sky-rocketing leaps and sizzling runs, and are the best eating shark in the ocean. These can be caught from early April to late October. The real big sharks, the Tigers, Duskies, Bull, and Hammer Heads are rough and tumble, heavy tackle fishing. I catch a lot of these from two hundred to five hundred lbs with the occasional monster, tiger, or hammer head showing up. This is usually 80 lb. class heavy tackle fishing. Shark fishing can be fast and furious. Last year, on many days, we never had a ten-minute break that a fish was not hooked. These Sharks usually show up from May through October. Shark trips can be 4, 6, or 8 hours. The longer trips are better, but we will catch fish on four hour trips.
Up to 5 fishermen with 25ft. Boat,
4 hours – $425
6 hours – $550
8 hours – $700


Big Game Trophy Trips
Big Tarpon, Sharks, Redfish
June thru October -Fishing for Big Tarpon from 80 to 200 pounds In early summer these fish invade the near shore and in-shore waters of Coastal Georgia. I operate the only real tarpon trips in the Northern half of the Georgia coast. Over the last 20 years I have caught hundreds of big trophy tarpon. We have released several fish that would have easily pushed the scales around 200 pounds. We usually fish with a combination of live and dead baits, and artificial lures. With real bait we usually fish with 8 foot rods with 50 pound line, we can go lighter if you want to. With artifical lures we usually use spinning tackle, with powerbraid line, from 30 to 50 pound test. This is a real rough and tumble fishing trip, for the fisherman who wants to catch a trophy Tarpon. The best fishing is usually July and August, Some years June and September are real good.25-FOOT BOAT 1-4 FISHERMEN 6 OR 8 HOUR TRIPS
6 Hours – $500
8 Hours – $600
Offshore Fishing Trips
Year round fishing the Coastal Georgia waters. Trolling or bottom fishing for Grouper, Sea Bass, King Mackerel, Barraccudda, Amberjack, Mahi-Mahi, Sharks, and other fish. 25-ft boat. 1-4 fisherman. All bait and tackle supplied. 4, 6, or 8 hour trips.
4 people
4 hours – $450
6 hours – $600
8 hours – $750
Duck Hunts
Hunting saltwater marshes and ocean for Scaup, Bufflehead, Canvasbacks, Redbreasted Mergansers, Ringnecks, Hooded Mergansers, Surf Scooters and Old Squaw. Season is usually December and January.